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Kef was founded in 1961. Kef always opts for unique, innovative solutions. New materials, new technologies and special designs are contributing to this from the very start of Kef. If you think of a good sound, you immediately think of Kef as well. One example of a beautiful line is the Kef iQ series.

The soft glow of titanium is a mere indication of everything that makes the new iQ series so high-tech. Kef’s designers had a very good look at the advantages of Uni-Q technology - a consistent & detailed sound image in the whole room - and made many improvements.

New, extremely light and rigid cone materials guarantee control over each sound detail. A cast aluminium precision chassis guarantees a solid, rigid basis for the Uni-Q unit. An improved magnet structure, state-of-the-art voice coils and completely newly designed surrounds allow for a larger linear cone deflection - which leads to a dramatically improved efficiency and lack of distortion.

The newly designed reflex gates are located near the woofer and thus contribute to an improved integration of the system. Fully protected connections with all their versatility, guarantee high quality connections. The rounded cabinets are very beautiful, but also very effective in preventing panel resonances. Sensitivity and efficiency are better than ever. Voices are more natural sounding. The bass response is remarkably better and tighter. 

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Kef Ci200RR
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Kef Ci3160RL
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Kef Ci3160RLb
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Kef Ci4100QL
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Kef Ci4100QLb
Kef Ci4100QLb Price upon request More information